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Sara A. Meier - Green Thumb SAM

Hi! I'm Sara, a freelance landscape and garden designer who helps homeowners create a game plan for their landscape, that they can implement or hand off to a qualified landscape contractor to install.


I bridge the gap between large landscape firms and homeowners by offering onsite consultation and sketches that help clients get started on their project. I also draft full, to scale master plans. I help novice gardeners all the way up to seasoned professionals. I design small spaces and acreage.

I have been professionally designing residential landscapes since 2001. I am a certified professional horticulturist. I studied Environmental Horticulture with an emphasis in Landscape Design/ Build at South Seattle College.


I worked at an independent retail garden center/nursery for 15 years, as a plant buyer, merchandiser, sign maker, pond keeper and wild bird/insect manager. 


I have had the good fortune to work as an estate gardener for private residences, including a formal Japanese garden. I am skilled at pruning ornamental/fruit trees and shrubs. Japanese Maples are my favorite subjects and I love teaching correct pruning techniques to anyone and everyone. 


My hand drawn landscape designs have been featured in the textbook 'Plan Graphics for the Landscape Designer' by Tony Bertauski. I teach landscape design classes at The Idaho Botanical Garden and am a member of the Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association. 

My passion is learning about plants, landscape design and best horticultural practices. I delight in taking all of the classes and reading all of the latest books. I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with homeowners and other professionals in an effort to make gardening fun and rewarding, because we all benefit! 

I am most concerned with best practices, creating habitat, inviting pollinators and creating gardens that are suited to the Inter Mountain West by using regionally appropriate plants.


When I am not talking about gardens or drawing up plans, I (surprise) enjoy gardening, going to nurseries to touch all the plants, hiking and camping with my family.


My Grandpa, an avid gardener, gave me the nickname SAM and it stuck, so you can call me Sara or Sam!