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Sara A. Meier - Green Thumb SAM

Hi! I'm Sara. Passionate plant nerd. Japanese Maple connoisseur. An artist with a scientist brain. I founded Green Thumb SAM with the goal of bridging the gap between large landscape firms and homeowners. I believe everyone should have an outdoor space they love. So whether you are a DIYer or ready to hand off the work to someone else, I am here to make those Pinterest garden dreams a reality. 

I have been a professional landscape designer since 2001. I received my training and education at South Seattle College and I continue to enhance my education by taking all the classes, reading all the books, and paying close attention to the world around me. After working for 15 years as a plant buyer for a garden center, I learned that our local environment can be our best teacher. The best education I have received has been getting in there and getting my hands dirty! Our landscapes will tell us what they need, we just need to learn how to interpret their signals. 

My hand drawn landscape designs have been featured in the textbook 'Plan Graphics for the Landscape Designer' by Tony Bertauski and I teach landscape design classes at The Idaho Botanical Garden. I truly enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge with homeowners and other horticulture professionals. We ALL benefit from healthy, beautiful landscapes.  



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