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Love notes 

"Sara created a usable and beautiful space for our family. It has stood the test of time. She was efficient, professional, kind and knowledgeable. Two thumbs up and thankful for her expertise!"

- Amy, Issaquah, WA

"Sara made it easy for me to understand how and why things should be done, in simple terms. She really likes what she does!"  - Dan, Boise, ID

"Sara arrived for our consultation with a huge amount of knowledge and professionalism. She taught us how to prune and care for our established plants. She gave input on placement of a new patio and garden beds. She even gave us design ideas for the front and side yard, which we didn’t expect to cover! We are largely DIYers but needed guidance before tackling these big projects and Sara gave us the confidence to move forward. The refined notes and sketches laid it out for us in detail so we can have a reference to use as we tackle the yard over the years. We highly recommend Sara!"

- Kelsey, Boise, ID

"Sara came in March to prune my Japanese maple. She was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Her work is beautiful and you can tell she really loves what she does! I highly recommend her."

- Debra, Boise, ID

"I found Sara on IG before moving to Boise last summer and she has drawn up wonderful plans for much needed perennial and flower beds around my house. A wealth of knowledge and ideas, Sara is a kindred spirit and fellow plant nerd. What more can one ask for?!"

- Debbie, Horseshoe Bend, ID

"Sara pruned our newly planted fruit trees (apples, pears and cherries) and gave me a tutorial while she did it. We were so pleased with the results we had her return the next year. The only reason we haven’t had her back is because she moved out of state. Sara gave our baby trees the best start they could have and I would recommend her without reservation!" 

- Krista, Olympia, WA

"Highly recommend Sara! Our front yard needed a facelift on a budget and Sara gave us a ton of great ideas that we could implement ourselves and incorporated a lot of the existing plants to save money. She was also a pleasure to work with!" - Megan, Eagle, ID

"Sara was God sent to us. We have nearly one acre of formal mature traditional Japanese gardens. Our property is full of ornamental trees and shrubs, and many rare species of rhododendrons. At the time things had gotten well out of hand and we were desperate for help. And then came Sara. She went to work immediately and began primarily with structural pruning which focused on the architecture of each plant. This exactly the talent and expertise we needed. It was transformational. By the following year, our garden was looking better than it had in many years. Truth told, Sara is the most experienced, knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant master gardener we have ever known. We love and miss you very much. Thank you, Sara!" 

- Bruce, Olympia, WA

"Sara’s encyclopedic knowledge and fabulous aesthetic lead to beautiful yards and containers. I met Sara nearly 10 years ago at our local nursery, and she always made great suggestions as to what to buy to go in my containers. Not only did she make great suggestions, she also educated me, arming me with some of her amazing design know-how on what makes a great container. Up until meeting her, I completely and totally flailed when it came to trying to put a pot together. Now it's something I feel confident doing thanks to her! While Sara can create huge, beautifully drawn and well thought out plans, she can also be budget conscious and is able to work with a client to meet his or her needs without making them feel like they need to start digging for change in the sofa, which is always a good thing. She came out to the house that my husband and I had recently purchased and walked the yard with me. She helped me to figure out what to do with many of the decades-old plants that had long been neglected. We talked pruning and design to work with what we had. Since my budget was tight at the time, she sketched out ideas right there and wrote down oodles of plant ideas for me to fill in the gaps. Even though we don’t live near one another any longer, Sara still always graciously and fully answers any random plant questions that pop up. All of this sounds great, right? Well, I HAVEN’T EVEN MENTIONED THE BEST PART about Sara. She is truly one of the good ones — “good people” as my grandma used to say — and I’m fortunate to say she’s become a friend. Give her a jingle. You won’t be sorry!"

- Katie, Issaquah, WA

"Sara is a master at her craft of designing and implementing an amazing and beautiful outdoor space. We have used her talent on many projects and different locations and she never fails to impress. Her knowledge and design concepts are top notch! She comes highly recommended and I guarantee you will love the end results! Love Green Thumb Sam."

- Meloni, Maple Valley, WA

"As we finished building our house and the time was getting closer to landscaping, I didn't hesitate to contact Sara to help with the plans. She developed a plan that met our needs, gave me easy to follow guidance, included lists of plants for each area and great advice for hardscape too! While I originally thought we would phase in each area over a couple years - I was so excited by the plans, we got to work and had beautiful gardens and landscape areas that are thriving 15 years later! Sara is my go to designer for any landscape or gardening project!"

- Lori, Hobart, WA

"Dear Sara,

Thank you so much for all the work you did on our landscape plans. Your work is incredibly detailed and beautiful. We can't stop admiring it. :) We are so very excited to get started. Thank you for the extra time, care and thought that you put in and for sharing all of the preliminary ideas so that we can do something fun with them. We will keep you posted on the progress we are making. We are so glad that we had the pleasure of working with you. Thank you!"

- Kirsten, Nampa, ID

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