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I offer three levels of service. If you need to know what you have in your yard and how to take care of it, or need a plan, I can tell you what to do.

Email for current rate on any level of service.

A landscape consultation, sometimes called garden coaching, usually takes one to two hours. At the end of our meeting you will have notes and sketches that you can implement right away.


We will walk your yard, identify problem areas and spaces that should be highlighted. We can cover anything you have a question about, filling in existing/new beds, container design, plant identification, kitchen/herb gardens, layout of outdoor rooms, hardscape areas or even pruning. It is all covered.


I like to keep good design accessible and can usually layout an average size yard, onsite, in two hours. If you are thinking about making a big change (a new patio, fence or ADU) it is helpful to have a cohesive game plan to save time and money on your project. 

Do you have a small area that you need a plan for, or a schedule/to do list created to keep you on top of plant care? Refined notes and sketches are flexible because the work done can be made to fit your budget. This is a good option if you need specific product links, a typed report or refined drawings of the improvements that can be made in your yard. Patio layout, bed layout, plant lists and privacy tree placements are all topics we can cover. 


Time spent can range anywhere from an additional two to ten hours depending on the scope of work. We can decide together, what best fits your budget and skill set.

This type of plan can be drawn for a front yard, backyard, or both!


A master plan contains all of the information needed to install and maintain a landscape. It serves as a cohesive game plan that can be implemented in stages, as budget and time allows, or handed off to a landscape contractor for installation. DIY'ers love these plans too. 


The process starts with a consultation to collect all of the wants and needs to be accomplished in the space. The site is then measured, to create a 'to scale' plan, a base map is prepared and two preliminary plans are drawn up. We discuss the preliminary plans together to come up with the final plan. Along the way we collaborate with Pinterest or a mood board. The final plan contains care notes, plant names, quantities and sizes. I work with a handful of qualified landscape contractors and I am happy to recommend the right one for your project. 


Full landscape plans generally book out six months in advance and once your project is on the design schedule, the process takes one to two months. Payments are split into thirds.


- I am available most weekdays starting at 10am and offer morning and afternoon appointments.

- I do not offer installation services but will provide contractor referrals, or work with your preferred contractor.

- I accept cash, check, Venmo or Zelle.

- I work with clients in an ongoing coaching relationship as they complete their homework. 

- I am a certified Fire Wise landscape designer and professional horticulturist

- I offer seasonal pruning at an hourly rate 

Please don't hesitate to email with any specific questions -

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