1. Consultation - The yard or property is walked while notes and sketches are made. The client receives the notes and sketches at the end of the meeting. This meeting will give the client a good game plan on how to proceed with their project. Subjects include: redesign of existing beds, layout for the yard,  a lesson on correct pruning techniques, how to layout a veggie garden, container plantings, hardscape layout including patios and walk ways. Consultations typically run 1-3 hours.

2. Refined Notes & Sketches - after the consultation, handwritten notes are typed and sketches are taken back to the drafting table where color and more detail are added. This is a good step to make sure that every topic covered is revisted in detail. The client receives typed notes and scanned images via email. Refined Notes and Sketches can run 2-5 additional hours based on the scope of the project. 

3. Master Plan - This level gives the client everything needed to implement their design. It starts with an hour consult. If it is decided that a to scale, measured plan is desired, a 'Proposal for Design Services' is emailed outlining what a plan for the front yard, back yard, or both would cost and provide. A plan includes a detailed assessment of immediate on-site conditions and off site conditions, measurement of the area, assimilation of all wants/needs to come up with a base map, two preliminary plans with presentation at the clients home, to come up with a final master plan, also to be presented at the clients home. The client receives two black and white copies, one colored copy and scanned images of the plan for client use, or to be passed on to a landscape contractor/professional to be installed.

Additional Services - plant shopping with clients to make good decisions together, custom containers and professional pruning.

Gardens for privacy, growing your own food, xeric, rock, Japanese, English, prairie, cottage, modern, scent, cut flower, raised beds, wildlife friendly or outdoor entertaining. Bring your wish list and she'll make it work.  


An hourly rate is charged. 

Cash or check accepted, weekend appointments are available. 

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