Consultation - 

A consultation usually takes one to two hours and at the end of the appointment the client has notes and sketches that they can implement right away. Please email for current hourly rate.

Refined notes and sketches -

Refined notes and sketches are flexible in that the work done can fit any budget. Good for the client who wants product specific links or a report of everything they need to do in their yard. Time spent can range anywhere from two to ten hours plus, depending on the scope of work. 

Master plan -

A master plan gives the client all of the information they need to implement a plan or hand it off to a landscape contractor. A master plan includes: on site measuring to create a base map for analysis, two preliminary plans for the refinement of the master plan, at least three client meetings, a collaborative Pinterest Board and the final hand drawn plan plus digital scans of working black and white copies and one rendered version. The master plan identifies all hardscape and plant materials with care notes if desired. Referral to local contractors included. 25 hours base for a master plan. 

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